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We are excited to share your passion for travel and start making your African dreams a reality.

Take the first step towards the summit and connect with our team!

Hello, Friend! We’re glad you’re interested in experiencing Africa with Ramblin’ Travel.


Our team knows firsthand how overwhelming it can be to plan a trip to Africa. Where do I stay? Do I need a guide to hike Kilimanjaro? I want to see a zebra - where do I find the zebras? But our team also knows how to take out the guesswork and turn your trip to Africa into an adventure of a lifetime. 

We’re here to be your resource, guide, and friend as you prepare for and travel to Africa. From the moment you start planning until you have returned home, the Ramblin’ Travel team offers you the expertise of a local Africa guide as well as the option for an American trip leader. Let’s make some lasting memories together! Send us an email and let's get started planning your trip.

Karibu Sana.

You Are Most Welcome.

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Ramblin'Travel is based in Colorado

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